Too many people have been hurt or killed while strapping tanks. Too many jobs have been compromised due to inaccuracy of rates and fluid count. Imagine being able to take a strap without climbing up on tanks with the push of a button, or being able to remotely monitor fluid levels, barrels, and rates from your truck or office in real time. Add to that the ability to monitor pressures and gas emissions, h2s, lel’s etc… Top it all off with being able to record all the data and provide an end of job report. All of this in a portable system with remote access via onsite WI-FI onto a tablet. Now you can continue to monitor well conditions while in a safety meeting or in your office or truck.

We also offer choke and valve controls, top of the line command centers with data acquisition systems, safety trailers, stand alone panels, well testing and water transfer systems, and any number of custom projects. visit us at or email at

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