Portable Rate & Level System

portable rate and level system
The PRLS has been designed to provide real-time tank level and fluid flow rates during upstream operations. Critical measurements such as fluid levels and flow rates can be easily calculated and displayed for any fluid storage tank present on a client’s wellsite. The automated outputs are viewable on demand from mobile devices or secure web portal and can store and display the following parameters:
Dual Phase Level Measurements
  • Oil & Water “cut”
Tank Level
Flow Rates
Scanner 2000 & Total Flow Integration
Temperature Inputs
Gas Metering
In addition to eliminating human error in tank gauging (AKA tank strapping), The PRLS also reduces worksite incidences that may potentially occur during the routine task of manual tank gauging.
  • H2S
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Extreme temperature
  • Hazardous weather (Lightning strikes, wind, etc…)
  • Catwalk slips
  • Stairway trips
  • Ladder falls
Additional features and specifications:
12” HMI Touchscreen
  • Portable enclosure
  • Displays up to four additional inputs. (e.g., pressure & temperature)
  • Displays four tank levels, displays inches and barrels and flow rate in bbl/min
  • 2” 1502 male pressure sensors
  • GWR tank level sensors available in any length up to 20’
  • Clamp on temperature sensors
  • Battery back‐up providing 20 minutes of run time
  • Wi‐Fi/Cellular communications available
  • Data logging
  • Remote tablets available
  • Web view of real time data available
  • Programmable tank data (strap list or tank dims)


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