Drilling Choke Controls

drilling choke controls





Absolute Control manufactures control consoles to meet any need. From standard CIW and Swaco style choke control consoles to control units capable of operating today’s severe service worm-gear chokes and custom control units that operate multiple chokes and valves. We also offer instrumentation packages to suit any need, including, pressure, temperature, choke position, valve position, pump stroke counter, level, liquid flow rate, gas flow rate, etc. We are a licensed API 16C shop and can design a API 16C monogrammed system to meet your needs.

Choke & Valve Controls
  • Choke Control manifold blocks with speed adjust and QD bleed‐offs
  • Valve controls
  • Capability to operate piston or worm gear chokes
  • Up to 3000 PSI hydraulic operating pressure
Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Dual or single air driven or electric hydraulic pumps (sized to meet specific choke requirements)
  • Hand pump back up
  • Available accumulators (choke specific, sized to meet API 16C specifications)
  • Hydraulic distribution manifold block
  • Stainless or Carbon Steel Frame
  • Stainless steel panel face
  • Standard and custom size trailers and cabins available
  • Digital or Analog pressure gauges
  • Pump stroke counters
  • Digital or pneumatic position indicator gauges
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