Pressure Control Equipment Repairs

We understand that routine maintenance is a critical factor in keeping your oilfield pressure control equipment operating safely and efficiently. That is why we offer pressure control equipment repair, refurbishment, and recertification to ensure your equipment is ready to meet the latest specifications.

Valve and Choke Repair

  • Hydraulic or Manual Choke repair
  • 5 1/8” and 7 1/16” Manual and Hydraulic frac valves
  • 3 1/16” – 4 1/16” Manual and Hydraulic gate valves
  • Bonnet ring grooves
  • Flange ring grooves
  • Seat Pockets
  • Repaired to OEM specs per API 6A requirements
  • Full dimensional inspection reviewed by in house Mechanical Engineer, PE.


Command Center Repair

  • Complete inspection of hydraulic circuit, electrical, HVAC and trailer structure
  • Hydraulic system reconditioning (change oil, filters, and defective components) to bring the command center back to optimal operating condition
  • Replace defective trailer components (door handles, windows, floor repair, reskin exterior, etc.)
  • Retrofit with electric drive hydraulic pumps with options for auto start.
  • Replace or recalibrate pressure gauges and position indicators, including recertification
  • Test and recertify accumulator bottles
  • In-house engineering and design to retrofit trailers for optimal performance


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