Absolute control is dedicated to providing the most accurate and dependable control and data acquisition equipment on the market. Whether in our PRL systems, our stand alone control panels, or our mobile command centers, every aspect is custom fit and detailed. Each is also designed to drastically improve onsite safety and efficiency. With the market being the current inhibiting factor in new acquisitions it has allowed us time to further improve the function while reducing the cost of each unit. Win bids by offering the accuracy of complete data logging, remote viewing of flow rates, reduced footprint on location and exponentially increased safety. Give your employees the piece of mind that you are looking out for their safety and your operators the increased confidence that you are bringing the best equipment onsite every time.

For flow back, well testing, safety, frac, coil, snubbing, water transfer, and any other service provider or operator, we have control and data acquisition equipment ready to go. Before you purchase new controls, command centers, or data acquisition systems call us for a quote.

We came from the field and build for the field. Email me at nbaudains@absolutecontrol.com for more information. Stay Safe!

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