Texas Digimeter Acquisition

We are pleased to announce that we have recently acquired Texas Digimeter, Inc. based at 12068 FM 3083, Conroe, TX 77031.
Texas Digimeter, Inc. has been a leader providing digital Pressure and Position Gauges to the oil and gas industry since 2009.
The joining of forces will allow us to build upon integrating higher precision, more efficient monitoring systems into our products. As well as expand the application and market of digital gauges. We will continue to serve all Texas Digimeter customers. Operations and remittance for Texas Digimeter will be moved to our facility at:

2810 Washington Drive
Houston, TX 77038

Any inquires into products or services can be reached at: (936) 213-1006.
We look forward to serving you better as a result of the acquisition.

Safety in Oil Well Flow and Tank Control is Critical

Too many people have been hurt or killed while strapping tanks. Too many jobs have been compromised due to inaccuracy of rates and fluid count. Imagine being able to take a strap without climbing up on tanks with the push of a button, or being able to remotely monitor fluid levels, barrels, and rates from your truck or office in real time. Add to that the ability to monitor pressures and gas emissions, h2s, lel’s etc… Top it all off with being able to record all the data and provide an end of job report. All of this in a portable system with remote access via onsite WI-FI onto a tablet. Now you can continue to monitor well conditions while in a safety meeting or in your office or truck.

We also offer choke and valve controls, top of the line command centers with data acquisition systems, safety trailers, stand alone panels, well testing and water transfer systems, and any number of custom projects. visit us at or email at [email protected]

Absolute Portable Rate & Level (PRL) System Improves Oil Well Flow Regulation Safety

Absolute control is dedicated to providing the most accurate and dependable control and data acquisition equipment on the market. Whether in our PRL systems, our stand alone control panels, or our mobile command centers, every aspect is custom fit and detailed. Each is also designed to drastically improve onsite safety and efficiency. With the market being the current inhibiting factor in new acquisitions it has allowed us time to further improve the function while reducing the cost of each unit. Win bids by offering the accuracy of complete data logging, remote viewing of flow rates, reduced footprint on location and exponentially increased safety. Give your employees the piece of mind that you are looking out for their safety and your operators the increased confidence that you are bringing the best equipment onsite every time.

For flow back, well testing, safety, frac, coil, snubbing, water transfer, and any other service provider or operator, we have control and data acquisition equipment ready to go. Before you purchase new controls, command centers, or data acquisition systems call us for a quote.

We came from the field and build for the field. Email me at [email protected] for more information. Stay Safe!

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